Capitalize revenue opportunities in today’s complex media landscape

Editor's note: this blog is from Revenue Analytics' partner WideOrbit. For more on the Revenue Analytics / WideOrbit partnership, please click here.

It’s a moving target – as media companies aim to master matrices of factors like pricing, spot placement, and content delivery, changing consumer demands and industry innovation continue to transform the playing field. Unfortunately for most, internal inefficiencies and lack of transparent data insights stifle initiatives to grow revenue during times of rapid change.

While simple data like pacing stats is fine for benchmarking sales performance, it doesn’t surface opportunities or improve operational processes. Some teams go further and study traffic data to create Key Performance Indicators, but Finance, Sales, and IT learn quickly that it’s hard to do and spreadsheets just aren’t robust enough to support self-made ‘Big Data’ analysis tools.

To truly understand the depth of available information and pinpoint actionable revenue insights, a dedicated Business Intelligence solution proves to be the most effective option. Clear, comprehensive data gives media companies an accurate picture from which to standardize best practices, optimize operations, and regain control of pricing and inventory.

Delivering this picture in prebuilt and customizable dashboards, WideOrbit’s robust business intelligence product, WO Analytics Enterprise is here to help. Both the quality of information and intuitive display make it simple for any user to identify overlooked revenue opportunities, spot inefficiencies, and track business performance. WO Analytics Enterprise consolidates and analyzes all relevant data from WideOrbit and third-party systems into a single source of truth for a time-saving, unified view across channels, markets, and platforms.

WideOrbit has partnered with Revenue Analytics to help media companies not only understand what’s happening currently, but why it happened, what might happen in the future, and what customized next steps should be taken. From high-level overviews to granular details, users are empowered to make critical decisions like deal pricing and rate card optimization and ultimately lift revenue by 7%+.

Enable your data to find your target for you. Using a custom, easy-to-use BI solution, media companies can confidently drive growth despite industry change and because of it.

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