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Supersize every order, every time.

Don’t settle for simply suggesting products they’re most likely to buy. Have them buy the products you want to sell.

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Our Algorithms Power the Biggest & Best:


Grow Every Order

Identify, suggest, convert, repeat.

Provide your customer the perfect, high-converting add-on…that you want them to buy.

Many orders are small, but they don’t have to be.

An easy way to grow order size is by suggesting add-ons. But which one?

Sales folks aren’t mind-readers. You need to show them what the customer wants to buy and what you want them to sell. And that needs to be the same product recommendation.

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Mirror Your Strategy

Promote products that make both you and your customers happy

Weigh factors like production, inventory, regional goals – whatever is important to you.

Suggesting a product your customer likes is easy. Netflix and Amazon have used those algorithms for decades.

What’s hard is making everyone happy. Now you can ensure the product suggested is also guided by what is important to you: using excess inventory, executive initiatives, regional goals, or anything else.

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Add Online & Off

Small orders leave everyone feeling unfulfilled, everywhere.

Your customers are ordering online and in person. Help them where they buy.

Digital Transformation on your mind? Product+ transforms with you. The solution powers sales reps and portals alike.

Leverage Product+ online, in the field – or both – to increase order size, meet your strategic objectives and grow wallet share with your customers.

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Product+ Fits the Way You Do Business

We’re where you want us. Seamlessly integrate with Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Epicor, and many others.

MS Dynamics

And Proprietary Systems

Tired of hearing about small orders? Turn up the volume.

Adding fries to a burger order is easy. Having your customer add to their order exactly what you want them to buy? That’s power.

Start super-sizing your orders today.

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