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Fearlessly increase price on your customer base.

Boost profit with confidence, use Base+ technology to know precisely where—and where not to increase price.

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Our Algorithms Power the Biggest & Best:


Pinpoint Potential

Broad brush price increases are dangerous. You need a scalpel, not a hatchet.

Confidently raise price on products in accounts you can grow without risking attrition.

It can feel impossible to know which products in which accounts to increase at what level. No wonder most spread “peanut butter” price increases across the customer base and wince.

Spend less time guessing and hoping and more time knowing and growing.

Base+ shows where to safely increase price without risk.

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Save the Goose

You can’t afford to sacrifice your best customers.

Will your legacy be the one who forced out a Golden Goose?

Few things make execs more uneasy than price increases. What if you kill a Golden Goose (high-margin, high-volume customer)? How many new customers must you gain to replace the revenue you just lost?

Base+ won’t leave you holding a smoking gun with a golden goose at your feet, they’ll remain untouched, nestled safe on your balance sheet.

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Move Up or Move Out

You can’t afford to keep splitting the bill with your unprofitable customers.

Stop subsidizing negative margin accounts. Turn them profitable or turn them loose.

90% of Manufacturers and Distributors have negative margin accounts. Alarming, but true.

Most believe there are a few prices in the market for a given product, but there are dozens.

How? Promotions, price exceptions and increases, and so on.

Lift these anchors off your bottom line—or turn them profitable.

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Base+ Fits the Way You Do Business

We’re where you want us. Seamlessly integrate with Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Epicor, and many others.

MS Dynamics

And Proprietary Systems

Grow margin and revenue without killing prized accounts.

Never feel nervous about price increases again. Grow margin and revenue with unwavering confidence, avoid massive blunders, and rid yourself of unprofitable accounts.

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