The digital revolution is disrupting the distribution industry. The traditional challenges faced by distributors – How broad a line do we carry? How can we service an array of different types of customers? How can we meet their increasing specific service needs? How do we differentiate ourselves? – have been compounded by the rise of E-commerce. Customers want the same, easy to use digital experience they have as a consumer. Their expectations are higher. Competition from “pure” E-commerce players like Amazon is increasing.

Success in this environment requires more than corporate agility and process changes. It often requires new analytical capabilities to become more granular, precise and dynamic in areas like pricing, promotion, account penetration, and sales management. Those that meet these new challenges are bound to reap the lion’s share of this digital era. Those that can’t will fade quickly.


“Revenue Analytics has been indispensable in giving us new insights to our business and helping us create game-changing capabilities.”

CFO of Multi-Billion Dollar Durable Goods Distributor

Distributor Value Proposition


Category managers and operations executives ask themselves critical questions like “how broad should my portfolio be?” “How much demand should I plan for, and where will the demand come from?” “What products should I present on my Ecommerce site, and to which customers?” We bring analytics in portfolio management, forecasting and market basket analysis to solve the most complex distributor challenges.


Distribution executives are re-thinking their pricing strategies in a digital world. Opportunities are available for differentiated prices and value capture at a granular level, but it requires greater understanding of your customers, improved segmentation, and alignment across traditional and ecommerce channels. We bring pricing strategies, advanced segmentation capabilities, and pricing expertise in both Ecommerce and sales-rep-driven environments to optimize your pricing, and can capture these opportunities at scale.


In today’s fast-paced environment, sales reps have challenges in prioritizing opportunities, from acquiring new customers, to pricing (or repricing) profitably, to penetrating accounts, to retaining business. We bring a portfolio of capabilities that brings visibility to those opportunities, eliminates unneeded administrative work, and improves sales rep productivity. We also can provide “sabermetrics” to your sales force, to identify who are your true sales stars.


Distributors can achieve profit multipliers by increasing penetration of products and maximizing the revenue potential of each account. But what you do offer, to whom, and at what price? When does the customer need to reorder? We bring analytical capabilities to maximize the account potential for your accounts and do it at scale – for all your channels.


The needs of your customer base are becoming increasing fragmented. Some want a value proposition with discounted prices and “simple service.” Others are more specific in their needs and wants. We can provide the strategies and analytics to segment your customers, identify the appropriate service levels, and enable you to profitably provide differentiated services to a range of customers, each having different needs.


Change is hard, but it doesn’t have to be, but we can make it easy for you. After all, if your product (or service) has a price, you can use Revenue Management. That said, we bring deep industry expertise, and can help you solve for the unknowns. Click the button below to ignite change within your organization.

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