Manual to Automation

You are managing your voyages with old technology, reports and Excel. Competition is constantly changing prices, but you do not know if you should be changing yours. Bookings are up, but are they the right bookings, at the right price - You do not know. You are falling behind your competitors' capabilities and do not know what it is costing you. How can you get to making revenue optimal pricing decisions?

What if your analysts could look at all of their voyages across the booking horizon and know which among the thousands of prices available needed to change to drive more profitability? Where they could focus in on the truly impactful pricing decision points / inventory adjustments while automating smaller adjustments. Their efficient systematic analysis brings greater confidence to the pricing decisions, while freeing time to assess marketing tradeoffs (e.g. on board, value adds, etc.) and identifying onboard ancillary opportunities to maximize the customer’s wallet share.
Optimize Pricing for Profitability