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Skip the line at ROC. Book your demo of N2Pricing™ today.

We know revenue teams are swamped by manual work. N2Pricing simplifies and automates RM, giving you 50 hours back each month for research, strategy, and analysis.



Headed to ROC? Skip the line and book your demo of N2Pricing today.

Can’t make it this year? Don’t miss out – grab some time on our calendar to see it for yourself.

N2Pricing saves you 50 hours per month by:

  • Reducing overrides via reasonable, transparent rate recommendations
  • Let our Inventory Optimization do the complicated math for yield management at the combined rate and room type level
  • Fully automating rate plan and room type differentials
  • Delivering an intuitive multi-property workflow that speeds up optimization
  • Prioritizing revenue opportunities across your entire portfolio, all on one screen
  • Reducing complexity and eliminating the learning curve, making getting started a breeze

Whether you have a legacy RMS or are relying on Excel to manage your pricing, it’s time to make the switch to modern tech.

Stop losing time and talent to the black hole of endless button-pushing and tap into your true potential with N2Pricing.