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Rethinking the RMS for the Travel Recovery and Beyond

Get insights and best practices for revenue management technology from 20+ industry leaders and practitioners. Download the free guide from HSMAI and Revenue Analytics.


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What you’ll find inside:

  • The new set of must-have RMS features for today’s “new normal”
  • The top 4 RMS myths and the reality behind them
  • A detailed breakdown of the needs of the 3 primary RMS users
  • An in-depth analysis of critical capabilities, services, and elements to consider when evaluating RMSs
  • Critical questions to ask every RMS vendor
  • A look at the RMS of the future
  • Today’s thinking on forecasting, needs of GMs, importance of profit optimization, and more
  • Key takeaways on group, implementation, change management, support, and ROI

Want to know the new thinking on revenue management technology? Look no further.

Many industry leaders are rethinking revenue management in light of today’s “new normal” of rapid change and scant resources. That’s why HSMAI and Revenue Analytics have paired up to bring you this guide, which looks at how hoteliers across the spectrum are making informed decisions about technology.