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Make Time for the Decisions That Matter.

Get 50 hours back each month. All thanks to N2Pricing – the modern RMS. Try this SaaS product today.

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Revenue Teams Have No Time

Traditional RMSs and Excel are too manual. With old tools, your team's time and talent disappear into a black hole of button-pushing. This creates a Time Poverty Doom Loop™—a vicious cycle of lost opportunity and employee burnout.

D - Revenue Teams Have

Take Your Time Back

N2Pricing™ RMS automates and simplifies revenue management. It gives revenue managers 50 hours back each month for high-impact work like research, analysis, and strategy. You’ll stop losing profit and start tapping your people’s full potential.

Take Time Back-1

Leveling-Up Revenue Teams with Modern Software

Hoteliers without an RMS

Get off the sidelines and into the game. Realize industry-best RevPAR gains without the complexity, workload, and cost barriers of traditional RMSs.

Teams with an RMS

Stop paying an arm and a leg for a glorified channel manager. Upgrade your tech and say goodbye to button-pushing. And with truly modern software, switching is no longer a painful process.

D - Leveling Up Revenue

How N2Pricing Saves Time While Boosting Profit

N2Pricing helps your team manage a portfolio more efficiently and effectively than ever before… 

Prioritize Revenue Opportunities Like a Pro

Checking the next 7, 14, 30 days for every property, one property at a time, is inefficient. We give you all the big revenue opportunities across your entire portfolio in a single prioritized list. Start at the top, work your way down. Using your time wisely has never been so easy.

Price Rooms the Right Way – with Fewer Overrides

Why have an RMS if you just override it? Teams deserve better recommendations and an end to black boxes. Get sensible price recs, visibility into underlying metrics that matter, and automation you control. It's time for technology you can trust.

Automate Rate Plan and Room Type Differentials

Before: you had to manually update rate plan and room type differentials every time demand shifted - or when you thought it would. With N2Pricing: Smart rules execute your strategy for you, updating your entire transient rate structure automatically.

Automate Inventory Controls & Updates

Should you sell the AAA rate and standard room type for a min length stay of 3 days? Let the software optimize that Tetris puzzle. Want to re-optimize when your bookings come in? No problem. Get intraday updates when your demand changes.

Manage More Properties More Easily

We are living in a multi-property world. It’s time RMSs were built for it. N2Pricing is the only RMS specifically built to manage clusters efficiently. Get a revenue-driven multi-property workflow and stop hunting for the needle in the haystack.

Eliminate the Learning Curve

RMSs shouldn’t take weeks to learn and months to master. Your smartphone doesn’t need an 80-hour certification and neither does N2Pricing. It’s intuitive, with a frictionless user experience and in-app help to make getting started a breeze.

A Full-Service RMS in a Modern Software Package

You don’t need to sacrifice sophistication and science for simplicity.
Demand Forecast & Interaction

Demand Forecast

N2’s forecast accuracy and resilience is second to none. N2 employs 1000s of models, adjustable weighting, future demand signals, intraday updates, automated events, fast pacing response, and more—to eliminate errors and handle uncertainty. 

Price Optimization

Price Optimization

N2 supports any pricing strategy – not just open pricing. And it refines the ‘noise’ of a mix of factors into the “Big 3.” Most important: rate recommendations are designed to reduce overrides – they’re sensible, transparent, and designed to build trust so you can manage by exception.

Inventory Optimization & Overbooking

Inventory Optimization and Overbooking

Many RMs consider inventory controls essential tools. But they are extremely complex. N2 solves the Tetris puzzle for you automatically in the background, determining the perfect combination more effectively than any human ever could.


Multi-Property Workflow

Traditional RMSs were built for 1-property DORMs. But today’s RMs manage 5, 10, 15hotels. N2 is the only RMS built with a multi-property workflow designed to help cluster RMs and central RM teams work smarter, not harder.


Group Pricing

Speed-to-quote is critical, so N2’s group rate recommendations are quick and easy to review. And they’re truly profit optimal - not just another displacement analysis. Not only does N2’s group capability make you more money, it drives internal efficiency too.

Intraday Updates

Intraday Updates

A once-a-day update is useless. N2 gives you the freedom to refresh as often as you want, whenever you want, down to the property level. That way you can reoptimize at the right time - when your bookings and recent shops come in. 

Special Event Autodetection

Special Event Auto Detection

Special event mapping has value, but it’s too manual and detailed for today’s busy teams. To save time, N2 automatically detects special events and appropriately adjusts the forecast to account for them.

Performance Dashboard and Reporting

Performance Dashboard & Reporting

Answer the questions “How am I doing?” and “How did I do?”. Track the performance of rooms, ADR, revenue, and RevPAR across a portfolio, and at the property level. We don’t lock you into canned reports. Our rich data extract seamlessly powers any BI/vis tool.

Profit Optimization

Profit Optimization

Accounting for turn cost in pricing is table stakes. But we take profit optimization even further: we capture overhead (whether $ or %, per day or per stay) and use restrictions to optimize profit down to the rate plan- and room type-level.

Cofigurable Automation

Configurable Automation

Say goodbye to all-or-nothing automation. N2 lets you decide how much automation you want today, and lets you increase it as your comfort level grows.



Why can't an RMS be mobile-friendly? For GMs, mobile is essential for on-the-go management throughout their busy day. And RMs who travel require mobile capability to stay on top of demand.

Dynamic Differentials-1

Dynamic Differentials

If you want to change rate code differentials today for high or low demand days, it takes hours to type in changes to your 15+ rate codes and 10+ room types. Unless you have N2 – it’ll do all the work for you.

Your RMS, Connected to Everything

Systems integrations are notoriously difficult. Even today’s “standard” integrations with popular PMSs and other systems can be buggy.

But we know what it takes. We are meticulous in our evaluation and QA of integrations. And our connectivity experts can get you up-and-running with your PMS, CRS, rate shop data provider, or even proprietary systems in no time.

And that includes future demand signal data. We have integrations with multiple sources, and if you have a unique data source to include, we’ll build the integration.

Thanks to our extensive integration and data expertise, N2 always fits the way you do business.


The Revenue Analytics Difference

Traditional RMS providers lack either high-quality analytics or a good user experience. Or both! We are the best of both worlds.

  • We price 15k hotels worldwide and 46% of rooms in N. America every day.
  • We are trusted by dozens of the world’s largest hospitality brands, including 3 of the top 7.
  • We don’t make unjustified claims about revenue uplift. We can share the rigorous, audited studies we’ve performed with customers.
  • Like Google Maps, no user manual or days-long training is needed to get started. It’s self-explanatory with in-app help to guide users to success.
  • N2 is the only RMS specifically designed to make it easy to manage multiple properties.
  • GMs can action top revenue opportunities easily from their mobile phones in just minutes a day.
The RA Difference-1

An Easy Implementation Process, Designed for Busy Revenue Teams

How painful and time-intensive will this be for my team?

Change management, implementation...we're not surprised if those words trigger anxiety.

For too long, moving to a new RMS has been a nightmare scenario. And that has prevented many hoteliers from buying RMSs or upgrading to better-fit systems that would improve outcomes.

And we know this isn’t the only thing you’re working on – not by a long shot. 

That is why we’ve created an easy process specifically designed for busy revenue teams. 

We do the heavy lifting for you: validating all integrations, reviewing and tuning forecasts, configuration...and all the project management and stakeholder updates too.


Ready to Talk About a Modern RMS?

We want you to love your RMS. If you’re spending too much time on manual tasks today, let’s talk about what Revenue Analytics can do to help. Message James Harris to get started.

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