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Revenue Analytics Launches N2Pricing™, First-Ever Revenue Management System Designed for Lean Hospitality Teams

New RMS Helps Hotels Make Bigger RevPAR Impact with Less Staff, Budget, and Time

Atlanta, Georgia: August 25, 2020—Revenue Analytics, the pioneers of Revenue Management and makers of next-generation pricing software, today announced the launch of N2Pricing™, the first Revenue Management System (RMS) designed for lean hospitality Revenue Management teams and hotel General Managers. N2Pricing™ helps hotels grow RevPAR quickly and easily despite the reductions in staff, budget, and time they face as a result of the economic downturn.n2pricing-screenshot-mobile-1

N2Pricing™ gives hotels a simple yet powerful pricing app to recover faster and win market-share. With enterprise-level analytics, a budget-friendly price tag, and time-saving innovations like near-total automation, multi-property management made easy, and full mobility, N2Pricing™ is designed to be loved by hotels needing to do more with less.

“With so much out of their control, hotels feel set up for failure. The pressure is on and they know the decisions they make now will make or break their recovery,” said Dax Cross, Chief Executive Officer at Revenue Analytics. “That’s why we built N2Pricing™—to give these lean teams an RMS that will set them up for success now and in the long run.”

N2Pricing makes Revenue Management easier and more effective in these ways:

  • Boosts revenue, guaranteed: N2Pricing™ offers the same analytics engines used by 3 of the 7 the biggest hoteliers worldwide, and delivers an average 3-4% revenue uplift, as confirmed by several rigorous, audited studies.
  • Automates work: N2Pricing™ automates 85% of pricing updates and availability controls so that lean teams can confidently focus on other priorities.
  • Fits in your pocket: N2Pricing™ is conveniently designed for mobile phones as well as desktop screens, so that on-the-go users can access it easily any time, from anywhere.
  • Built for your budget: N2Pricing™ is made for today’s overstretched hotel budgets. Its innovative “pricing-first” design omits the myriad unnecessary features that are too costly, overly complex, and of little value.


Revenue Analytics also offers premium modules include Availability Optimization, Overbooking Controls, Full-Pattern Length of Stay Pricing, and Extended Stay Pricing to meet each hotelier’s unique needs.

“This is a precarious time for the industry,” said Josh Graham, Director of Business Development, Hospitality. “Our hope is that new, smart technology, like ours, will help hotels pull through this challenging time and recover faster.”

Visit the Revenue Analytics website at revenueanalytics.com/hospitality/n2pricing to learn more and get a personalized demo.

About Revenue Analytics

A pioneer of Revenue Management, Revenue Analytics is an enterprise SaaS company that partners with hospitality, media, and passenger rail companies to solve their most complex pricing challenges. By leveraging powerful analytics and deep strategic experience, Revenue Analytics’ next-generation software delivers intuitive answers to help companies perfect their pricing, reclaim missed revenue, and take back their time. To learn more about how Revenue Analytics is recreating Revenue Management, visit revenueanalytics.com or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Press Contact:
Michael McCunney
Revenue Analytics