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Skip the line at HDC. Book your demo of N2Pricing™ today.

HDC is almost here, and we’re excited to demo the new N2Pricing RMS for you!

Stop losing time and talent to the black hole of endless button-pushing and tap into your true potential with N2Pricing.

N2Pricing gives you back 50 hours a month for high-impact work like research, analysis and strategy.


N2Pricing empowers you to take back your time by:

  • Reducing overrides by producing transparent, reasonable rate recommendations you can trust
  • Automating rate plan and room type differentials
  • Streamlining multi-property workflows to help you manage more properties more easily
  • Reducing complexity and eliminating the learning curve, making getting started a breeze
  • Prioritizing revenue opportunities across your entire portfolio, all on one screen
  • Giving you back 50 hours a month to focus on real revenue management

Whether you have a legacy RMS or are relying on Excel to manage your pricing, it’s time to make the switch to modern tech.

Headed to HDC? Skip the line – book your sneak peek of N2Pricing today.

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