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The Super Revenue Manager

During an illuminating conversation we recently held with industry leaders, Fernando Vives (CCO, NH Hotel Group) introduced the idea of the Super Revenue Manager.

He believes that Revenue Managers should be using the abundance of data available today – data they take time to analyze and interpret each day – to influence other areas of the business. 

And we couldn’t agree more. 

Gone are the days of the Revenue Manager “staying in their lane” and just focusing on revenue management in a vacuum. Instead, we believe that revenue leaders should have a seat the Sales team’s table, and the ability to influence Marketing spend. 

Why? Because the intersection of Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Management is where true Commercial Strategy really lives.  

If you’re ready to take the first step towards real Commercial Strategy and true organizational alignment, connect with an expert on our team today. 

And to hear more about the Super Revenue Manager and other reflections on the evolution of Revenue Management, check out the full recording of our free webinar, “Reflecting on 25+ Years of Robert Cross’s Groundbreaking Book.”


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