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Revenue Analytics™ Announces Partnership with Topline® Expert Revenue Management

ATLANTA, Georgia: September 21, 2022 – Revenue Analytics, the creators of N2Pricing™ – the first modern RMS – today announced a new partnership with Topline Expert Revenue Management, a leading revenue management service provider with years of experience leveraging top tech to drive growth for their customers. This partnership will give more independent and branded hotels access to the best revenue management system on the market, driving efficiency via modern technology, automation and powerful analytics.

“After exploring many RMSs on the road to this decision, N2Pricing quickly rose to the top of the list of prospects,” says Connor Vanderholm, MBA, CEO at Topline Expert Revenue Management. “We were looking for the next iteration of revenue management software with powerful algorithms, ease of use, and a modern architecture. Revenue Analytics’ pedigree as pioneers of revenue management and their customer-centric service model checks all the boxes.”

Vanderholm, who is the acting revenue manager for several hotels in Topline’s portfolio, needed an RMS that was built for multi-property managers. The ability to leverage true automation to increase efficiency and save time, all while maximizing profit, was critical. Ease of integration and implementation was also key for Topline’s customers, and N2Pricing delivered.

“We are thrilled to partner with thought leaders like Topline to bring a modern revenue management approach to hoteliers,” says Dax Cross, CEO of Revenue Analytics. “This partnership exemplifies the benefits of combining proven analytics with a modern, intuitive RMS interface to save time and drive RevPAR.”

Together, Topline and Revenue Analytics look forward to expanding their partnership and bringing N2Pricing to more hoteliers, guiding them into the age of modern technology and reimagining their approach to revenue management. 

About Topline – Expert Revenue Management

Topline is a modern Revenue Management service provider specializing in both Branded and Independent hotels. They’re bringing RM out of the Excel “dark ages” and into the next iteration of hotel revenue management by embracing cutting edge technology. Topline puts the best tools into skilled hands and artfully shapes your business mix for maximum profitability. Learn more and connect with Topline at www.toplinerm.com or on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/company/68265382..

About Revenue Analytics

Revenue Analytics invented yield management in 1984. Today, they’re the brains behind N2Pricing™ - the first modern RMS. N2Pricing simplifies and automates revenue management, giving revenue managers 50 hours back each month for high-impact work, so hoteliers can stop losing profit and start tapping into their people’s full potential. Learn more and schedule your demo at www.revenueanalytics.com/hospitality/n2pricing.


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