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COMING SOON: Timeshare Inventory Forecast from N2Pricing™ RMS

It’s a well-known fact that the Timeshare industry is unique and complex. Unlike traditional hotel business models, the Timeshare market must navigate variable inventory availability and unpredictable booking patterns. As a result, most legacy forecasting models and revenue management systems (RMSs) have been unequipped to support Timeshare, leaving revenue and Rental teams to manage things manually. 

The N2Pricing team has an innovative solution for Rental teams, creatively solving for the variable capacity problem and producing an accurate and reliable demand forecast. More than 200 properties are already utilizing this solution, and the ROI is far exceeding expectations! We are proud to be the only RMS with a forecast built specifically for Timeshare – but we aren’t stopping there. 

COMING SOON: A new solution from N2Pricing that supports Rental teams even further by determining what amount of inventory to allocate to rental. 

Let’s take it from the top

N2Pricing’s current Timeshare solution produces a percentage-based demand forecast based on the amount of inventory that’s available. While this is a huge time-saver (and profit booster) for Rental teams, it requires them to set the amount of available inventory in the system before the forecast can run. This is a tricky process; determining available rental capacity requires an understanding of owner usage at any given time, which is highly variable and unpredictable. Plus, Inventory teams are often conservative in the amount that they allocate to rental, as they are Timeshare-first companies and need to protect inventory for owners.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, the N2Pricing team set out to find a way to forecast not only demand, but also available rental capacity. By treating owners as the primary customers, looking at the total universe of available rooms, and analyzing their booking curves, the N2 team has successfully produced a Timeshare Inventory Forecast!  

The ability to set parameters that fit your specific business requirements is an integral part of N2Pricing, and we’ve built in that same capability for Timeshare properties. We’ll accommodate whatever unique business constraints you may have – like No-Use Rights, out-of-order rooms, or prior knowledge that you can rent out a unit – when building out the rental allocation forecast. 

Wholistic support for Timeshare properties

Our goal is to provide end-to-end support for Timeshare companies. The introduction of the Timeshare Inventory Forecast will be a huge time-saver for inventory teams and will flow seamlessly into N2Pricing’s demand forecast. The result? Both Inventory and Rental teams will get to enjoy the benefit of sophisticated analytics and automated processes that will save them time while boosting profit. 

The Timeshare Inventory Forecast will be available soon! Be on the lookout for an official announcement from the N2Pricing team. 

In the meantime, we’d love to show you the demand forecasting solution that we already have available for Timeshare properties, and to give you a peek behind the curtain at what’s coming next. We are continuing to innovate in the Timeshare space, and feedback from professionals like you is key to developing and perfecting these solutions. 

Want to be the first to know when the Timeshare Inventory Forecast is officially rolled out, or see what N2Pricing already has to offer Timeshare? Connect with an expert on our team today. 


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