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N2Pricing™ RMS: Behind the “Why”

In the finale of our Day in the Life with N2Pricing series, we want to take a step back. In parts 1 and 2, we walked you through the tangible, tactical realities of working with this unique solution. From starting at the very top and tackling your biggest revenue opportunities, to zooming out and looking at monthly and quarterly trends, N2 is there to support you and your team.

In part 3, we want to look at why. At the end of the day, yes: N2 is a revenue management system. It exists to streamline revenue management across your portfolio, and to help your business achieve success by capturing more demand, increasing RevPAR, and boosting profit and efficiency. But the real driving force behind our why? The above-property revenue managers themselves.

With the shifting trends in hospitality and revenue management, we saw that above-property revenue management was becoming more prevalent, but that this new style of team was expected to use legacy tools. The result? Frustration. Inefficiency. Endless manual tasks. Burnout.

And when revenue managers – such a critical component of a successful hospitality organization – aren't getting the support they need or aren’t being empowered to do their job to the best of their ability, the effects are felt across the organization. That’s what drove us to create N2Pricing RMS.

Our top 3 is all about YOU and YOUR TEAM

So, in addition to boosting efficiency and profit at your organization, here’s what’s in it for the revenue managers:

  1. Know exactly where to start. Every day. No, every day isn’t the same, but with the clear guidance provided by N2Pricing, you’ll always know where to begin. By focusing your efforts on the biggest revenue opportunities across your entire portfolio, you can feel confident that you’re working efficiently and having a direct impact on your business’s bottom line – no guesswork required.
  2. Easily manage conversations with owners and other key stakeholders. N2’s intuitive interface makes it easy to understand how your properties are performing at both the portfolio and individual property level. Want to zoom out and have a big picture conversation? You got it. Need to dive in and talk about the demand forecast for Property A over the next two weeks? No problem. Equipped with the data you need available at your fingertips and backed by powerful, reliable analytics, you’re prepared to handle any questions or changes that may arise.
  3. Take back your time to focus on strategy and other big-picture items. N2’s powerful analytics and smart automation controls free revenue managers from endless manual, repetitive tasks. The result? More time to layer in strategic activities, to complete research and analysis, and to work cross-functionally for a more aligned organization.

Making a revenue manager’s day-to-day easier and more efficient does give us warm and fuzzy feelings, but it’s about even more than that. Our #1 goal is to support your business, from top to bottom. We’ve found that empowering revenue management teams in this way creates a waterfall effect with far reaching implications:

  • Greater efficiency and fewer manual tasks = more time back for your employees (up to 50 hours a month!).
  • More time back = better work/life balance and less burnout.
  • Less burnout and more balance = more time to focus on commercial strategy and cross-functional alignment.
  • A greater emphasis on strategic work = more employee fulfillment and less turnover.
  • Better organizational alignment and a focus on commercial strategy = greater success for your business.

Investing in the right technology and finding the right vendor partner impacts everything – from each individual employee to the holistic functioning of your organization.

Yes, N2Pricing will boost profit and RevPAR while increasing your team’s efficiency. But it will do all that while also improving employee morale and fostering an environment of strategy and collaboration, and the importance of that can’t be overemphasized.

Taking the first step

While this all sounds good on paper, it may be hard to picture how a single piece of technology can really create this kind of change. So instead of just telling you, we’d love to show you.

Our team of experts can give you a guided tour of N2Pricing and the way real revenue managers use it every day. We can share data on its impacts across organizations just like yours (from efficiency boosts to RevPAR gains and more), and testimonials from current users on how N2 has positively impacted their teams. 
Ready to see it for yourself? Set up some time with an expert today.


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