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5 RMS Implementation Myths – Busted!

Change management, implementation, integration...we're not surprised if those words trigger anxiety.

For too long, moving to a new RMS has been a nightmare scenario. And that has prevented many hoteliers from buying RMSs or upgrading to better-fit systems that would improve outcomes.

That is why Revenue Analytics™ has created an easy process specifically designed for busy revenue teams. We believe that adopting cutting-edge tech like N2Pricing™ RMS should be accessible to everyone.

In this blog, we’ll unpack the truth behind 5 commonly-held RMS implementation myths and show you how easy implementation can truly be with the right partner.

  • MYTH #1: Changing to a new system will require tons of time and effort from you and your team.
  • REALITY: The right partner should be there every step of the way, taking on the most time-consuming parts of the implementation process so you don’t have to.  

If you’re working with the wrong partner, getting a new RMS up and running can feel like having a second job. But N2Pricing’s support team does all the heavy lifting for you: validating all integrations, reviewing and tuning forecasts, configuration, and all the project management and stakeholder updates. Our goal is to make the process as efficient and painless as possible, asking for only 1 hour a week of your time to get you up and running.

  • MYTH #2: Forecast inaccuracies and weird price recommendations are a given with any new RMS.
  • REALITY: The right partner will ensure that the forecast and price recommendation quality is up to snuff before turning the system over to you.

We get it: the thought of going through the effort of standing up a new RMS just to have the price recommendations be a mess is enough to give anyone a headache. Navigating an inaccurate forecast and constantly overriding price recommendations creates more work for you and your team.

That’s precisely why the N2Pricing team digs into the data and pressure-tests the elements of your configuration before taking you live. We’ll check the business reasonability of the forecast and work closely with you to help define the right competitive set for pricing decisions before launch – so no weird price recommendations, and no more headaches.

  • MYTH #3: Learning a new system and getting people to use it is difficult, time consuming, and complex.
  • REALITY: The right RMS should be intuitive and easy to use – and not require a ton of time for training.

Revenue managers are already stretched too thin – they don’t have time to spare for an 80-hour certification course. Plus, if the RMS is too complex, they won’t feel comfortable using it – and what’s the point of investing in a system that no one will actually use?

We believe that your RMS should be as intuitive as the last app you downloaded on your phone. That’s why N2Pricing offers easy, in-app training – no 80-hour certification required. Our user-friendly system is easy to learn and master, meaning your team will actually use it, too.

  • MYTH #4: It’s a nightmare integrating a new RMS with your existing systems (PMS, CRS, etc.).
  • REALITY: The right partner knows how to navigate integration complexities and will do the heavy lifting for you.

Thanks to years of experience building custom solutions for the world’s largest hotel brands, our connectivity experts are well-versed in navigating complex integration challenges. We are meticulous in our evaluation and QA of integrations, ensuring that your RMS is communicating properly with your other systems before launching.

We know what it takes to set you up for success, and will work to get connected with your current PMS, CRS, rate shop provider, and even proprietary systems as quickly as possible.

  • MYTH #5: Changing to a new RMS is a big risk and the potential benefit is small and difficult to measure.
  • REALITY: The right partner will provide results that will speak for themselves and will ensure you are set up for success from the start.

We completely understand that implementing a new RMS sounds scary – why mess with the status quo if you aren’t completely sure it will pay off? Will the reward outweigh the risk?

The short answer? With N2Pricing – yes.

The long answer? We believe that you should have the utmost confidence in your RMS system and partner. That’s why the N2Pricing team goes through a rigorous benefit analysis process before pushing things live, providing data points that will show just how much more efficient and profitable your business can be. You can expect to see huge time savings (upwards of 50 hours back a month!), revenue uplift, optimized profit, increased efficiency, and high adoption rates.

We know the results will speak for themselves, and we’re so glad that we have happy customers that are sharing their success stories, too.

Gone are the days of nightmare implementations and costly investments that don’t pay off – if you pick the right RMS for your business. N2Pricing was designed to save you time, increase efficiency, and boost your bottom line, and our team will work hard from day one to ensure you get results – starting with the implementation process. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you and ensure you are ready to hit the ground running as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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