Fresh perspective uncovers hidden value

Life is good

Your reach is impressive. As one of the world’s largest cable broadcasters you reach more than 300 million people worldwide and 500 million digital users each year. Your premier shows are a hit and audiences are growing.

Challenger appears

A percentage of your inventory still needs to be sold through the direct response (DR) channel and at lower rates. It’s so cheap the industry calls it remnant. Do you have to sell it so cheap you ask? Is there an opportunity to get a higher price, and where?

Battle is on

Your quest to eliminate the unknowns leads you to Revenue Analytics. We dive deep into the DR sales process and analyze every deal sold over the last 3 years. We create a dynamic dashboard that continuously monitors demand for all ad spots across the network. Evaluating over 1 billion price combination alternatives per week, we dynamically update prices based on expected DR inventory and demand. We can now tell you where to push prices higher and by how much – in some cases twice as much as before.

You’re the hero

Your throwaway inventory that was sold at bargain basement prices suddenly becomes a lucrative product. Our intuitive dashboard helps the account executive eliminate the unknowns giving them confidence to raise rates and boost remnant revenues by $3.5 million per year.

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