Getting a Passenger Rail Company on Track

Life is good

You’re churning full steam ahead in the passenger railroad industry. The business is growing steadily with over 30 million passengers transported annually to 500 different destinations.

Challenger appears

But there’s a kink in the track. Spring sales suddenly decline 9 percent and nobody knows why. Are you losing to alternative travel options, such as bus lines or private vehicles? Was there a shift in holiday traffic? Was it weather-related? Questions and finger-pointing abound.

Battle is On

You bring in Revenue Analytics. We analyze 14 different data sets containing 40 million transactions. We make 630 million forecast error measurements and immediately identify the culprit: Your company had recently implemented an off-the-shelf forecasting system that was over-forecasting demand, causing you to reduce lower fares on some routes. This led to lost traffic and empty seats.

You’re the Hero

You’re back on track with $80 million in quick-hit revenue recommendations. Eliminating the unknowns focused your recovery efforts and reduced angst. Within six months your year-over-year sales growth swings from  negative 9 percent to positive 7 percent. Life is good, again.

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