Sales Analytics Reduces Churn

Life is good

You’re a distribution dynamo of generic pharmaceuticals. Your billion-dollar business sells to 10,000 independent pharmacies.

Challenger appears

Intense competition requires an innovative approach. For the past three years, your customer and sales representative churn has hindered the growth of your generic drug business. Despite your best efforts, the revenue needle isn’t moving as fast as you would like. Your losing as many customers a month as you are gaining. So, what can you do?

Battle is on

Partner with Revenue Analytics to examine what’s behind the churn. We link invoice, rebate, customer and phone data and identify that sales strategies and incentives are out of sync with actions that drive desirable customer behavior. Linking to HR data, we also discover you’re hiring the wrong personalities for sales. Most importantly, we build you a platform that algorithmically predicts which customers are at risk before they churn.

You’re the hero

Say goodbye to customer churn, and hello to a net 27 percent increase in customers in your first year. We arm you with an “Intervention Playbook” that allows you to continually monitor at-risk customers and re-prioritizes sales activities with the scheduling logic already in your CRM. We also give you a new incentive plan that segments customer profiles and product groups to drive sales behaviors, with a method to optimize products and prices for each account. Life is good. That’s what eliminating the unknowns can do.

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