Empowering Your Business with Key Metrics

Life is Good

You’ve grown a successful portfolio of stations and are one of the nation’s leaders in broadcasting. You’re able to charge premium rates for your airtime – ratings are up, and demand is high.

Challenger Appears

Your processes are manual and distract your functional groups from driving the business. Due to disparate systems, you’re having to spend countless hours tracking down key business performance metrics such as current sell-out levels, pricing, ratings, and advertiser spend data. You’re underutilizing your inventory, and you’re missing budget targets. Now you’ve decided to migrate to a new traffic system and will be blind to year-over-year pacing, causing even more disruption.

Battle is On

You partner with Revenue Analytics and leverage battle-tested technology to develop enterprise reporting capabilities. You’ve combined data from multiple traffic, financial, and ratings systems into one, easy-to-use, streamlined application that provides holistic visibility into the enterprise’s performance. Data which used to take days to consolidate and analyze now takes seconds.

You’re the Hero

By arming your teams with the right information and eliminating wasted time on cumbersome processes, you’re empowering your teams to drive the business. With precision, you’re now able to quickly identify and diagnose underperforming markets. Demand soft? Ratings down? Pricing inconsistent? With a single click of a button, you can rapidly assess your biggest areas of opportunity in order to hit your budget targets.

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