Battle-tested Hospitality Loyalty Program

Life is Good

You’re a global hotel chain, and you implemented a cutting-edge Revenue Management system two years ago.  RevPAR continues to increase across your hotels, and revenue managers are happy with the optimal recommendations.

Challenger Appears

Your company believes that their customers are the foundation to success, and wants to roll out a new loyalty program across the entire organization. This overhaul will impact over 20 legacy systems and you need to implement it in under 7 months. But, with 4 months to go, you realize your Revenue Management system will also be impacted, and you need to adapt to these changes quickly. If not, you won’t be able to forecast or price your most loyal customers accurately for the next year in a timely manner.

Battle is On

You need an expert in battle-tested technology, so you partner with Revenue Analytics. Our Managed Analytics team is with you every step of the way. Together, we assess potential risks, update your models to bridge the gap between the old and new program, and create alerts to ensure we proactively monitor any unexpected impacts. We’re in the war room with you during the cutover, and any hiccups encountered are handled quickly, without impacting hotel users.

You’re the Hero

While other system teams struggle through the coming weeks adjusting to the new program, you’ve returned to your normal day-to-day – forecasting, pricing, and managing inventory for 700+ hotels across the globe. You’ve already started thinking about the next revenue-driving analysis to explore with your Managed Analytics team!

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