Do you feel like you have all the data in the world, but no insight into what to do differently? Is your team making thousands of product, pricing, promotional, or inventory decisions manually? How confident is the team in their decisions? Are they “trusting their gut”? If so, how much does it cost if their guts are wrong? If any of these questions are on your mind, you need to focus on prescriptive analytics. 

What if instead, you could automatically prescribe the best next product for your customer to buy? What if you could ensure that every pricing decision would be made how your best pricing person would make it? What if you could factor in dozens of variables automatically to pinpoint the best decision, every time? With prescriptive analytics, you can.

Prescriptive analytics can provide recommendations or even automate decisions across multiple areas, such as product bundling, pricing, promotions, and inventory optimization. Prescriptive analytics are systems that use data and advanced algorithms to recommend the best decision under any given circumstance. If you’re in automotive, ocean shipping, consumer goods, or anything in between, you can use prescriptive analytics to improve and automate key decisions.

Whether you’re new to prescriptive analytics or you’re in an industry which has been using prescriptive analytics for years, such as hospitality, there’s always opportunity to apply them to new and different decisions to continuously save time and drive more revenue. At Revenue Analytics, we use our unique combination of all A-team consultants, battle-tested technology, and adoption to create prescriptive analytics that are intuitive, smart, and perfectly fit your business. The result? Greater confidence, more revenue, and less risk.