Have you wondered where the actual “service” in SaaS is? Have you ever questioned what you’re getting for your expensive maintenance fees on your pricing software? Is your packaged software causing headaches as your business and data change over time? Have you ever completed a consulting project wondering how on earth you’re going to execute the 100 pages of PowerPoint recommendations over the long term?

At Revenue Analytics, we asked ourselves these same questions. We realized that business circumstances are constantly changing, and predictive and prescriptive analytics software needs care to keep up. And we seek to combine the business insight and problem-solving approach of consultants with the scalability and reliability of enterprise software. That’s why we provide ongoing managed services behind every capability we deliver.

Our managed services teams include business strategists, PhD mathematicians, and top-flight software engineers, just like our project teams. Rather than calling an anonymous helpdesk, you’ll get to know your managed services team by name. Clients working with us today would tell you that you might even know them so well that you will see pictures of their children. 

Our managed services team acts like an extension of your own team to ensure that your analytics solution continues to provide the best thinking and the best fit for your ever-changing business. We offer three different levels of service to help you right-size your investment to the outcomes you’re seeking. Learn more about our managed services and the different levels of service here. Our managed services are just one more way that we help you eliminate unknowns to drive revenue without increasing risk.