Inventory Optimization

Are you concerned that you don’t have the right product, at the right location, when a customer is making a purchase decision? Are there times when you don’t have inventory available for your highest-valued customers? Are lower value customers displacing their higher value counterparts? If you answered yes to any of these, it may be time to focus on inventory optimization.

What if you could predict exactly what customers were willing to purchase, and at what price point? What if you could create product fencing to deter low-value customers from buying your most inventory-constrained products? What if you could optimize your inventory and assortment to meet your customers’ needs? What if you could bundle your highest demand products with lower demand products, and maximize the utilization of all of your inventory?

Inventory optimization can improve promotions and bundling decisions to move aging or perishable inventory before it’s too late. Additionally, inventory optimization can help you make sure you have your inventory available at the right price for high-value customers to reduce the chance of stock-outs or purchase denials, with the ultimate goal to sell more with the same - or less - production.

Whether you’re an automotive dealer and want to know what mix of vehicles to have on your lot; or if you’re a radio company and want to know how much inventory to offer nationally, locally, or programmatically; or if you’re a hotel company and want to understand length of stay restrictions by segment, inventory optimization is for you. Even if you currently have an inventory optimization solution, it might not work seamlessly with a price optimization solution that’s influencing changes in demand patterns that might drive inventory problems. For all of these and any other inventory problem or challenge, we can help you.